Cost Segregation Studies

Valuable tax savings embedded in buildings

A solid case for cost segregation

Your company’s real estate likely represents a large capital investment. With Dean Dorton’s engineering-based cost segregation study, you maximize your real property’s financial return by generating significant cash flow savings. Our cost segregation professionals generate cash tax savings by carving out shorter-lived assets, qualifying for five-, seven-, or fifteen-year write-off periods that are normally embedded in a building’s construction or acquisition costs, generally depreciated over 39 years.

Cost segregation is a highly specialized segment of tax law. The volume of judicial decisions, IRS rulings, regulations, and other interpretations spans thousands of pages of text. The challenge is to apply this complex knowledge to the unique facts of your industry, your company’s circumstances, and the processes of your operation. Because our team has conducted thousands of cost segregation studies throughout the United States, we bring vast practical experience to your project.

A nonspecialist accountant who segregates percentages of construction costs based on invoices or other means will likely leave valuable tax benefits “on the table,” and the resulting documentation may not withstand IRS examination.

Cost segregation services

Through our cost segregation studies, you can accelerate income tax depreciation deductions, providing you with improved cash flow. The Dean Dorton cost segregation study will help you uncover these buried tax savings from:

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