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More than 30 years of expertise at your fingertips

巴黎人官方 has been actively advising and auditing public companies for more than 30 years, from guiding clients through changing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance standards to providing internal audit services. Whatever your SEC compliance service needs, 巴黎人官方’s full range of assurance, 税, and consulting services will provide your public company with a comprehensive approach to successful financial management. SEC compliance regulations related to IPOs, 定期调查结果, and compliance requirements can be time consuming, 压倒性的, 和复杂的. Our experienced professionals take care of all the heavy lifting so you can continue to focus on your responsibilities.

Is your organization pre-IPO or evaluating a potential merger or acquisition? For companies considering going public, 巴黎人官方 has an experienced team who will walk you through this involved transition. We work seamlessly with your team of attorneys, 投资银行家, and underwriters in navigating the complex issues inherent to the IPO process. In order to take your company to the next level, you need a team with an efficient, 响应, and proactive approach—巴黎人官方.

Our team members have extensive experience serving clients across the spectrum providing SEC services to start-ups, 中型企业, 全球企业, and qualified benefit plans that are required to file Form 11-K. Throughout our years of experience, we have been able to expand our SEC services to include a full range of integrated, 全面的解决方案.



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